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School Policies


Student Responsibilities and Expectations
  1. Accept physical and cultural differences among others
  2. Respect self, staff, adult and peers\
  3. Attend school daily, on time and prepared to learn
  4. Respect school property and the property of others
  5. Use respectful and kind language at all times
  6. Maintain a positive attitude towards learning and myself
School Rules
  1. I will not fight, bully another person or use profanity
  2. I will be safe and always walk in the classroom, cafeteria and hallways
  3. I will not take or damage what belongs to someone else
  4. I will help keep my school clean
  5. I will keep all toys, electronic devices and gum at home
  6. I will turn off my cell phone during school hours
  7. I will not ride a bike, scooter on skateboard on campus
Classroom Rules
  1. I will follow class directions the first time I am asked
  2. I will raise my hand for my turn to share
  3. I will remain in my assigned work area
  4. I will come to school with a positive attitude
  5. I will make choice that are good myself and others
Cafeteria Rules
  1. I will not throw or play with my food
  2. I will not touch the food of others
  3. I will walk in the cafeteria and wait in line quietly
  4. I will clean up my area
  5. I will speak in a low voice
  6. I will wait in my assigned area until an adult dismisses me